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  • K. Day

Storms of Life

Psalm 91:2 “This I declare about the Lord; He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I will trust him.” NLT

Lately you can ask anyone you meet, “So how did you weather the recent storm?” and everyone is quick to share their story as to how they got through it. Everyone anticipated the latest forecasts, tracked predictions, and scrambled to be as prepared as they possibly could in light of the situation. People moved into shelters and friends and neighbors came along side each other in ways that truly demonstrated real community. People in grocery stores smiled and were more polite than usual even though they both were wanting the same last bottle of water. The storm then slowed people down. Families and friends traveled, set up camp, interacted, ate, played games, and laughed while passing time during the storm.

Storms come in all different sizes and shapes. Although the storms themselves don’t last their effects are often devastating in more ways than one. Life is full of raging storms. The storms of life can be in the form of health concerns, surgery, loss of job, strains in relationships, financial concerns, and even expectations placed on us by ourselves or others. Most times storms take us by surprise, make many panic, and fall into despair, but God is in control!

In respect to the recent physical storms (Harvey, Katia, Irma, Jose, Maria and then the numerous earthquakes) these were all dramatic visuals of how powerful God truly is. Seeing that God can uproot trees, empty oceans and knock down walls effortlessly, we are assured He can do anything in our simple lives. We are told to live by faith and believe in His power and this made it all the more real. I told my own children no matter how crazy, chaotic, and confusing things seem we must remember He is still in control!

We must be reminded God is our hiding place and our refuge. He is our shelter. We need to be prepared ahead of time for storms in our life. Storms in life are inevitable. Pray daily. Live a life that is Christ-centered. Focus on his guidance and desire his will for your life. Daily share your story with those around you of how you weather the storms of life. Allow others to see your dependence on Christ.

God, we praise you for your faithfulness and thank you for your unconditional love. We know you are good. Forgive us that we panic and try to handle situations without always putting you first. Today we are reminded to be totally dependent on you. Be our shelter in our storms. Allow us to trust in your protection. As a loving Father you know what is best for us. We know you have seen this day and nothing comes to you as a surprise. We can’t endure the storms without your presence. Today we pray for a hedge of protection around us and our families that we may experience the storms of life with you as our shield and guide. We are blessed and totally dependent on you!!

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