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  • K. Day

Everything is Possible!

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26 NIV

“This is impossible!” “I just can’t do it.” “I will never be able to do this!” “I don’t even know why I need to learn this. I will never use it in life.” “My parents said they have never understood this either and they never use it.” As a high school math teacher all of these are comments I have heard more than once. I try to reason with students and explain how their diligence and persistence in trying to learn the higher-level math concepts will pay off in the long run. We have conversations regarding their own specific gift and talents that might be very different than another's, yet we can each build on our gifts and talents to increase our individual ability. I tell students math is like a foreign language; you can’t just hear it once in the classroom and expect to understand it. You need to practice it and then use it in different situations. Once you understand the rules it makes more sense to logically understand what you are working on.

Not everyone would care to be a student for life but I embrace it. It seems I am always taking a class, learning a foreign language (or at least trying to learn a foreign language), studying for a test of some sort, engaging in an in depth Bible study, working a puzzle or pushing myself to learn something else new. Now I am learning how to create this blog site and it has definitely been a learning experience. There has been a large learning curve. I have been astonished with the amount of learning that has taken place. Many things seem to although be connected still do not make sense. This has definitely become much like a new foreign language to me. There are new words (as well as old words) with new meanings, acronyms, rules and a new written language. At times it seems logical but then nothing makes sense.

Learning everything through you-tube videos, I have become very resourceful. As I search for the solutions for one question I learn so much about other things, but then really don’t know how to apply those new concepts either. This has been an extreme humbling experience for me. Now I can better relate to each of my students, as they appear frustrated and hopeless.

Likewise, there are so many topics not understood by man even with the help of another individual like a teacher, but nothing is too impossible for God. I started thinking about just the daily things each of my family members know about that I do not understand even in the slightest. Whether it is the French words in the ballet class and how to properly position your hands and feet, understand the color gradient and know which size screens are needed for specific printing jobs, or working with image resolutions. Topics like social media, how to become prepared for a medical residency and the next steps that need to be completed to even get there, how to understand each of the rules of various sports teams, or simply the technique needed to write beautifully in a calligraphy font. The list of knowledge is endless and to think He knows EVERYTHING puts my life into perspective. Think about the topics that we do not even realize exist (I could only compare this to imaginary numbers. They are real! Well, not really REAL but complex. Sorry that was the math side of me.) God understands it all! His knowledge is vast. He is all knowing! That is assuring! It is easy for people to say it is impossible but it is refreshing to have the assurance with Him ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

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